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NZ MIEE Hui 2019 notes day one

These are my notes from Day One of the Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator hui held in Auckland. Amazing speakers and a great weekend connecting with like-minded kaimahi.

Getting the most out of being an MIE - Sonja Delafosse

Tips on getting the most out of being an MIE
You get out what you get in
Join the global FB group
Open the One Notequick start guide
Get involved with global connect plan
Earn a place at E 2Sydney March -26 - follow on FB
NZ selection process
Get involved in social media
Tweet meets
Use Microsoft Educator Centre - encourage school to do as a collaborative PD
New website in January
Become a trainer
Microsoft Education Blog

set up learning events and teachmeets in NZ, use flipgrid, teams
Could do own learning marketplace
Get involved with SDGs , WE schools -bring global learning into the classroom
Service learning and global learning shows students they can make a difference
What is the mark you want to leave in this world ? What is your personal philosophy?

Digital technologies curriculum and integration - Chris Dillon

DT by 2020 should be imbedded into school programmes

Not compulsory but are expectations
Not about devices but how they work and solving problems
Leading Local Curriculum Guide
55 % of NZ GDP based around tech in 2 yrs time
Need to be trained and need to be training
Instead of being compulsory, they have added tech notes to NZC
Need to meet requirements
Need to cover all areas of tech
Hangarau has changed too
Over Year 1-10 should have skills in all five areas, developing skills in context
offer a variety of contexts and recognise links cross-curricular
school's responsibility to ensure DT is covered
Needs to be resourced and have PD provide support
Computational Thinking
about what computers do but doesn't have to be on a computer
Algorithms-well described set of instructions
recipe not necessarily algorithm -not always choice in there so just instructions
coming up with solutions, not just finding an answer
solves a problem or completes a task
BBC-learning - What is an algorithm video 
jigsaw , car, animation,, exemplars in curriculum -all examples of Computational thinking
sorting, looking for patterns, Dewey system
leave out unimportant info
how we look at the world is an abstraction
Algorithm design - identify instructions in order
Hello Ruby-resource for younger students
More resources on his slide deck
Previously Progress outcomes. Not therefore reporting on assessment. Give us a roadmap . Report on Achievement Outcomes not Progress Outcomes.
Focussed on outcome but it is about how you get there
Where can you get help
Makes links to SDG and translated to Māori
Kia Takatū - National Digital Readiness

Cracking the code with real STEM projects - Pip Cleaves

Build learning experiences in which students learn for their future not our past
Stem.T4L - send resources out for a term trial
Immersive VR - under 13 unable to make the distinction so can't use immersive
3D printing and filming can be DT
Learning challenge
Project based learning - structured and explicit
REAL Rigorous Engaging Authentic Learning
80% projects have to leave a legacy in school or community - not putting the project in the skip
Design Thinking with REAL
NSW-curriculum in folder 48 projects there (in hui OneNote)
Literacy mapped once finished
Bring in experts
Legacy project
Create own challenges
Robotic kit
helper robotic -guide to school - My robotic helper
maths science geography music
Blue bot better batteries
make grid of community - code journey to school
Not as authentic - fighting  fires
Micro bit best place
Make micro pet first, collect data , draw map , out to parents
ozobot - design thinking
forces and Motion
hard to get real
Create and perform song
Makey Makey - Scratch
Can make comments on Scratch
Use Tynker instead as you can turn of commenting
EV3 Mindstorm
Lego Spike
Ready for Robocop
How cool is my school -VR
Then older A place of my own Year 9-10
3D Printing -Toystory- first-steps into design thinking
Digital architect -
wheelchair what does school need, draw up plans, design in minecraft, export to 3D printer
All achievable STEM projects
Film kit -School newsroom - use greenscreen
coding kit
CoSpaceEDU TynkerMinecraft - create mods for Minecraft
Makecode Arcade - Make code - charge to use arcade -raise funds
Tight loose tight - start narrow, open up, tight assessment
drone Kit  - going out
Tello edu drone -create community on floor and put person in for fire service to find
STEM projects should all have tech in them
Merge cubes  - christmas around the world

Workshop 1 - Digital Readiness - Rosalie Reiri

Kia Takatū as an assessment tool
Video of story of Maui and Mahuika
what can we do to push through boundaries
Mahuika - Maui grandmother - to get rope Maui used her hair
Te Pō- one main issue in school
Opportunity in DDDO
Issue -vandalism
This is in the darkness
Te WehengaStrategize ideas
Pause to select best solution currently
Te Ao Marama - Create a digital outcome using your solution
A website is more eLearning
Be good to have badges for Kia Takatū
Te Whakaata
Draw design

Workshop 2 - Ngā Motu - Whetu Paitai

Got asked to build te reo world

hard to do for outcomes
hardware barrier sometimes
first barriers to teachers is convincing parents and other staff
barrier - outcomes in te reo
Teacher package -
in standard Minecraft there is no Māori language 
Now there's instructions in Māori
Eventually want to doMinecraft in sign language
World of Ngā Motu
Can't teach te reo in isolation
All characters named after children or friends
Words used in here make sense in this world - relate world to item
things iron are still there
don't want to confuse so just some custom items
first lesson is personal glossary
build glossary and and take a picture -  goes into their portfolio
Can build up and print out
building the world , capture it, own it
has a level of control
can build islands
got piwakawaka, tuna, moa
sound for moa from Te Papa
Narrative of settlement
Waharoa - whole entrance
Marae atea open space
Get to explore marae safely -where is space -tikanga
Go to the NPC and learn with the students
Papa and Rangi and children in wharenui
niche knowledge based in English
knowledge has to be woven into te reo Māori
Protection, armpits put children under arm to protect
myth and legend wrong -they are narrative
e.g. Maui
purpose of model is to be representative
hook of Maui was their representation
Built that world with that in mind
All the places are nameless
If you want to engage in te reo this is not enough
use the community to come and help build
Take to our iwi
tikanga - correct way of doing things
No inherent tikanga in Minecraft
Creation of own tikanga
lessons in te reo
3rd lesson build space - explore parts + recreate
Kauri, totara
in the future want more ecology
eat birds
swamplands - harakeke
from pa and build own hapu eventually
build North Island in 1: 10 space -build up eventually. NPC to describe tikanga of their area

Workshop 3 - Developing effective collaboration skills through Minecraft - Trent Ray

Where can I take Minecraft?
Give agency and scaffold
knew they loved playing Minecraft
set up club on how to do basics
levelled out learning
had 100 students working closely
large grid paper then designed and allocated which parts
Already had face to face to sort colours, mines etc
Mesopotamia - remembered so much more
collaborate-to build a community
Create Utopian society
How do I know they are contributing
What are our strengths and weaknesses first
Plan what to do before going on Minecraft
see cyberbullying need digital conflict resolution
learning protocols in digital spaces
Roles and responsibilities part of planning
Need awareness of themselves first - one could be bossy

A good leader understands these around them
Should you assign groups?
Depends on what you want them to do
building future capable learners - when assessing progress it doesn't matter
If product is important then it may matter
If have understanding they will be assessed on collaboration they can work better together
Giving them planning tools
Microsoft white board better sync than OneNote
steps to success - be accountable of what needs to be done and in what order
self regulation
Post it notes
Weekly meeting
build a toolkit together
Then we can assess
Design a new idea
Either redesigning existing - go on  the Minecraft site and  get another education lesson
Group 2 on One Note
Really important to have structure of goal setting and reflection
Group 3 landmark relevant to them their awa
Give them scenarios of what goes wrong and say how to solve
Pepeha in Minecraft

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