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Future of Learning Day 2 morning sessions

Notes from Day 2 - morning sessions

Cheryl Doig and Hamish Duff - Day 2 Provocation

Learning City Christchurch - access, equity and innovation - Where learning is possible for anyone in our community
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She# -group that addresses gap of women in tech

Uber doesn't own cars
Sensors, cameras, smart devices collect lots of data
1955 Artificial Intelligence name was coined
Bigger than fire and electricity
AI are far from perfect - It relies on use to improve them 
When you ask hard questions it improves them
A Moley robot cooking 2000 different meals
Google Home Assistant - children growing up with it normal
Will AI replace teachers? What impact will it have?
Squirrel AI learning - AI super teacher, can assess knowledge and can change and adopt as it goes,  in China
Anything requiring creativity stays in class room - conversational writing
Pronunciation done by AI
Facial recognition to see how they are feeling
Amy maths AI
Soul machine - digital teacher -Will - renewable energy
Will AI replace teachers?
Good teachers don't just impart knowledge, they provide wisdom, inspire, imperfect -is human. Teachers have empathy
Al can do admin, grading, assessment
Use AI as a digitised system
Al predicted to increase by 47.5% from 2017 to 2021
Al would free up teachers to focus on students and provide understanding
Ethics - be careful about data collection
Marshall Brain - book Manna - read chapter 1 here

Seeds podcast on Mahsa - Episode 132


Sim coach-games
Pittsburgh. 25 Universities 2 known for healthcare as well
Use tech to change behaviour
Play for adults and youth
Design thinking -game design
providing strength in some skills - they could be resilient
Goals, rules, roles in games as well
Effective tool for communication
How do we apply game design to solve problems
Brain training game
Cashier safety
Core standard around pathways as well as math and reading
Why are youth so clueless?
Stigma around certain industries. Don't often have role models. Simcoach skill arcade
Give opportunity to try careers
Also regional targeted messaging
Valuable data and certificate tracking
Phones help equity
How to do this… player centric solutions
Shift from training employers to enabling the job seeker
25 disadvantaged interns
How are 30 million dollars paintings relevant to you?
Games around professionalism - job pro, get hired
Work on a team, positive power of collaboration and success.
Power is having kids solve problems
Play video games and innovate 
Bring students in to solve industry problems
Test and market 


Unitech. 50%  of students first in family to do tertiary
73 languages spoken
What role does tech play now and what will the future be?
Tech is an enabler. How do we use that?
A lot out there already. Access and awareness
Unitech they prefer face to face. Understand student need. Put student at centre
The further you go up the education system the slower the change. Scale makes it hard
People are taking things into their own hands. Don't have to wait for the govt to do anything
Democratisation of tech.
Ormiston college, going to industry and saying what is your problem and our students can solve it
Involve parents in that conversation as well
Long division, had lots of different inputs, teacher, book, father etc. Need a few different solutions. We focus to much in trying to find a solution that encompasses all solutions
Digital access still a problem. Need laptops and WiFi. Some basics still need to be solved
Do we still need universities?
Large part of education getting a job, but not just that, research, coming together and learning together. People important
Uni have a role to play, but can choose not to too. Not the only place, lots more options now
Use tech to present options. Learning City Chch there to do just that.
Studyspy Will give a breakdown of different courses
Shailan didn't do education, accounting or software and now managing accounting software for education!
Give them info to guide themselves with support
Get benefits through things you didn't know you get benefits from
Margaret dropped out of school at 15. None of her learning was relevant
What role does education play in understanding what their passions are?
Education is core to who we are as a species
Encourage curiosity and creativity to design those new jobs
Think outside the box
VR Can be useful for ADHD. Can tailor for specific needs. Games can be paced
Number of solutions, immersive reader
Microsoft AI for blind , can read texts for them, tell them what is in a room
Emotions for aspergers
Access the biggest issue
We have to reskill our own workforce. Have to refresh pd.
Breathe, pat ourselves on the back. We are creating it now and there is no end point
Use phones, don't ban them. Embrace tech and use it in the right way


Seeds podcast up online - one on Jason here - Episode 131
Only conference they go to that has a sole focus on future of learning
Personalised competency based learning
Importance of vision
What are our ideas for future of learning
Equitable, adaptable, relevant, be themselves, continuous, accessible
A new era is unfolding
Accelerating technologies, need to partner with the code in our devices
Conference like this are critical
Drivers of change:
Automating choices
AI, machine learning help us make informed choices
Best brownie recipe from Alexa, what was the decision tree that got to that recipe. Are they inscrutable?
Civic Superpowers
Use digital tool to help concerned citizens, march here great example . Resistor, can easily put to people, out of town square to digital world
Accelerating brains
Playing with own cognition, increase intelligence, calm down.
Google search affecting our long term memory
Toxic narrative, measures of success
Epidemic levels of chronic health issues. Putting pressure on kids to succeed. Pressure get to uni under traditional forms of success
Remaking geographies
Resurgence out migration patterns
Finding a sense of place
Economic revitalisation. Margaret Mahy playground good example. Using community to honour unique culture 
Ecosystems: City of learning here

Human centered: Can we design our own
Safeguard student data
Voice, how can we stream info outside
Community network builder, we have it in city learning site 
Create a school that follows the learner
Equity has to be embedded from the beginning
Human development at centre
Know the difference between transformation and efficiency
Make decisions together, schools industry and students
Undercurrent of fear - shrinks aspiration of vision
Is it the purpose to train young people to work for a living, or to train them for life?

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