Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Future of Learning Day 2 afternoon sessions

Notes from Day 2:

We were blessed with a performance from Daisy Lavea-Timo at the beginning of the afternoon. She was stunning as always. You can see her TED performance here.

JAMES HAYES - Changing the baby in the bath

Education today is designed by people who did well in the style of education that we are still using today
Used to be uni students straight from school. Now 25% are not

Advice about a career, become a hairdresser, it will be a long time before a robot can cut hair
Recognition needs to be given to all learning styles, if they can't write, don't assess that way
RPL - recognition of prior learning too hard to get
Education system gets our learners to a destination
Sunk costs
If you need to change the baby in the bath it won't work
Spent money, not doing it badly, do we need to change it?
Need to forget about sunk cost and we need to think in a new way
Let's start again.
It's difficult, like internet banking changing, don't know how to use this…
Change has to be done with great care
Very linear approach at the moment, same material, same order, same experience from start to finish
Why are credits measured in hours, why are degrees measured in year
Why are we measuring this in time?
Multiple choice questions used a lot for assessment, can usually spot the answer even without ability
Skillitics Health can login in any device
Because we can do something in it that we can't do in another paradigm then VR is useful
Depending on answers they go down different pathways.
Need to give them information on their progress and then they can fill in the gaps
Can do it on phone as well
Confidence on getting the right answers, 5% confident they have it right is better than 100% confident of a wrong answer
Big data platform
Send out assessment that is relevant and individualised. Problem it's same marks for easy task and hard task 

The next two sessions are breakout sessions 

Piripi Prendergast - Look to the Past to Embrace the Future

Are industry ready for the jump in Maori workers?
Makes sense for the future of NZ to have or Maori youth qualified
Year 11-12 lost 17% then 42% not entering yr 13
19% leaving school with no qualification
Tertiary numbers deceptive, many into low level courses
What are the solutions?
Engineering apprenticeships have great outcome, carpentry not good outcomes, only 50% complete them
Q: How might we reshape the awa to ensure maori success?
How might we block off some channels?
What new channels might we open?
Challenges transitioning to tertiary
From an early age they have it ingrained they are not good at things
Woman applied for job under two names , got the one with pakeha name, not the Māori
Mixed ability maths teaching, much better
Changing workers to represent Māori
30% of minority in a workplace normalises them
What can you personally do?

RAY O'BRIEN - Microcredentials

Micro credentials as an 'and', not replacing qualifications
Low transfer of pd learning into the workplace
Low level of people who can work and learn
Content driven not need driven
Closed system in an open world, several pathways
Lack of responsiveness
High up front costs

Māori course, not knowledge, just assessment to show how you put it in the workplace
50-100hrs activity
Learning just enough when you want it
Like learning outcome
Naturally occurring evidence important
What's your edubit idea?
Small chunks
Not doing at a distance
Identify a gap in NZ quals
Reflections can contribute to the assessment


What has changed in your thinking?
Reinforced youth at the centre of conversation
Proposition of collector future
Fascinated by digital humans
Refreshing to know we are not alone
What didn't we talk about that its critical for fol?
Include visions and youth perspective on the future, ask them
Where's the student in the room?
What's the role of industry?
Where is the money to push this forward?
Tip or idea to use tomorrow
The answer to how is yes
What type of problems do you want to solve, not what job do you want
Stay connected
What did you learn from NZ?
Just get it done
The people in this room
Equity and native populations
Different perspectives
Mental health
CBT using a bot online, journal, share more with a bot than with people
Fol, systems should prepare us but also create healthy young people and adults
What would you do if you could wave a magic wand?
Would create an entirely different education system
Finding the joy in learning, erase the gunk
How will AI affect free will?
Happening now
Use search engines to take you out of that system
Tech more available than 5yrs ago
Maker and the hacker - can re purpose
The change has to be created together
Ashoka changemakers best school for future proof
Passion to continue to learn
Share that learning is enjoyable. Celebrate the learning. Then be the mentor
Mentor is most important job
Sense of love and help

Pay forward

Cheryl and Hamish:

45-75 % of our work will change due to technology - what steps can we take to help adult learners change and adapt
Are you busy designing a future assuming it will be the same?

How do we help people in the journey - wellness

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