Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Future of Learning Conference Day One morning sessions

These are a few of my notes from the conference. Well worth going to - the world is changing and we need to keep up!

Day One - Opening - Cheryl Doig and Hamish Duff

See the exponential rise of technology. Some people don't know that exists
X shaped learner -human and technology

Opportunity to learn is important. Everyone has the opportunity to learn
Optimistic and idealistic - need to be this way
If we want to adapt, we need to change education. Need to help educators to embrace the new technologies. Want to bring everyone together to change
Students need to have hope for a better future


Automation Flexibility Globalisation,
What will the pace of change be, rather than will automation happen?
What will it mean if we collaborate rather than compete in Globalisation?
What are we doing in education to facilitate and accelerate learning?
Bilingual skills and cultural intelligence really important

Can they solve problems?
2017 Workplaces saw skills as equal with qualifications but now "We will recruit for mindset and we will train for skill"
Want people who can speak, who can argue. want people who can get up and present ideas
By 2030

30% more time learning on the job
100% more time solving problems
26% more time engaging in self directed work
There is more complexity in the world and we need more complex solving skills
Brief, build a team, do the mission. More autonomous
Students now are studying, doing own business thing pIus working part-time . They are more flexible
Build enterprise skills in NZ - Like a Boss programme 
You practice to fail - Start again and again
Apprenticeship-5000 hours relevant paid employment
Open up many more pathways

Career Education Toolkit @fyA
Ylab global-getting young people at the centre of learning
Educator the role of teacher no longer exists

Mindset of life long learning.
Re-training and upskilling is really important
How do we become a learner alongside our learners?
How do we look after mental health with all this learning?
We have been learning forever. How do we credentialise this?
Mental health increases when we contribute
Age care big growth in this area. They needed 2500 people. Went into retail asked showed them how they can transfer skills to a new area. Need to make it seamless transition
Optimism is an accelerator. Need it for growth mindset.
Indigenous drone pilots - story about how they made it happen

Kendall Flutey, Sam Johnson, Mia Sutherland  CHANGE OF THE CAREER PATH

Kendall Using Banqer
Mia climate strike
Sam, teaching students to volunteer, framework for that
People who strike are more likely to get jobs

Have overcooked uni learning, does not transfer into jobs
Risk of being overwhelmed by choice
Education, need to take courses that are relevant to them. Not enough yet though. Need to have ways to learn differently. Need to cater to different needs
Learnt from strike, standing up for something, how to take rejection,
Students organising their own thing, through Sam's course on how to be a volunteer. Let students do things
Create space for students to experiment
One thing you could add to your schooling:
Concepts of money how much is lots and how much is not ? whatever number comes into your head, double it. Money can make things happen.
Not to be bullied - young gay guy in private school-hard on who he is-better ways to do it.
Hunter Johnson - man cave - masculinity have conversations in a facilitated way
Less bubble wrap -how do you deal with confrontation. No one says "people are going to be mean "
Comments -get a loved one to read them and pull out the top 5 nice ones. Cyberbullying
Teach concept of different people have different skills
Give permission to every student to know they are valued
Shy and anxious. Found a purpose and stepped out of her shell. Give them a reason to stand up .
Public pressure, internal, up wards - always pressure
Focus on something you can achieve. How can you keep this going
Partnership with CareersNZ . How many people are doing this at home. Framework can push that forward.
Platform Banqer for Maori looking at it from a different angle


Enjoys building with Lego.
Small bets in innovation and education

2018 Ocular swift
2017 360 cameras
2015 unicorns ar
2014 robots
2013 temp social media
2012 crowd funding
2011 kinect
2010 cloud computing
2009 Intelligent sure
2008 Android
2007 Smart phone 
2006 Wii controller
2005 Video sharing
2004 Facebook
2003 Skype
2002 Irobot vacuum
2001 Natural language processing
2000 PS2
1999 info tech centre founded
Remake learning network

Common goal want print to be equitable, engaging and relevant
Remake learning days
Youmedia hang out, mess about, geek out
Museumlab opens 2019
Importance of museums in learning, see knowledgeworks stuff on this
Skill to explore is Listening
Otto Scharmer, downloading stuck in fragment process
Factual, can hear info and then adaptive
Empathetic, can adapt
Creative chaos, Drew Davidson
Improv lives and dies in the team and how they are playing
First penquin award for most spectacular fail
What's your small bet today
Key elements of collaboration:
Yes and…
Taking risks
Ok to fail and fail forward
Don't have a hub in nz yet..
Fail and media catches onto it. Celebrate failures and successes.  Map out steps in process that led to failure


Brad Milne, St Thomas
Innovation in leadership
Create a toolbox to develop capacity for middle leaders
Make leadership aspirational

Alicia Poroa
Revolutionising Engagement by Humanising Data
How we measure success
Using Sensemaker
Asking 300 ākonga about morning karakia

Josh Campbell
Student driven project based course model
Primarily ncea but could be others
Learning how to assess your progress
Designed a poster on his website

Jacqueline Yoder
Alphabet mana
Design thinking model for schools to change Maori into x
Can't it doesn't have x in your language
Make sure you are not building something for you.
Students to define own shape

Lisa Heald
Student led social media in schools
Conjunction team it students. Mad, media advertising division
3hrs a week in class
They create billboards, video, websites, FB, snapchat, instagram
Minimad for yr 10
Inform, promote and celebrate your school

Tim Kelly
A new framework for combined science and dt project based learning
Soft skills and design thinking process for projects
Electronic possum lures for 2020
General framework that others can use

Jackie Brown
Mount Hutt college
Changing perceptions in mathematics
Protect based learning to engage students and to give real context
Authentic audience.

Tam Yuill Proctor
Microcredentials and liberatory design thinking, David Clifford
Equity into the design process. Deep self awareness
Beginner to expert micro credentials in lib design thinking.

Bronwyn Hoy
Activation space, creating room for authentic learning experiences
Create, innovate, problem solve and present
Chch innovation hub, fail

Josh Hough
Authentic context project based learning toolkit

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