Monday, 5 October 2015

Too many online accounts?

Do I need a profile on Google+? We are an Office365 school so I have had very little to do with Google accounts apart from the calendar which I use ALL the time, and looking at Googledocs my son or daughter send me, because they are in a Google school.  I'm quite illiterate when it comes to circles and posting my new blog (only being doing that a week!) on my Google account. I need to Google Google and find out how it all works. Do I need it? I have Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, my photos backup to Dropbox, although I do like what Google did to a couple of my photos when I backed some up to there - makes me look quite the professional photographer!

This led me to thinking about all the different accounts I have for things which sent me into a spin. Dropbox for this, email for that, Yahoo, Google, Office365, work, personal... you get the idea.

So where to from here? I feel I need to make a list of all the accounts, work out which are for work and which are for home, then delete most of them! Making sense of all of them is crazy.  And still the question - do I need to have a profile on Google+??

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