Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Connected Educator Challenge

The final week of the Connected Educator Challenge is here. I have started blogging this year as my main focus. It's been a great journey and one I really hope I can continue. It will be interesting to see if I will manage to get some blogs written while teaching full time, running a home and being a taxi service for my children!

The last three challenges are upon us and I am breathing a sigh of relief because I do No.3 all the time. My Feedly is my go to page and I have added a lot of blogs to this over the last two weeks. Getting time to read them all is the next challenge!

The challenges this week:

Absolute newbie

  1. Reflect on an event that occurred in your classroom during the week. Post it on your blog. Don’t forget to tag/label it with the appropriate Practising Teacher Criteria (PTC).
  2. Blog about your top three sources of inspiration during the three weeks of Connected Educators New Zealand.
  3. Sign up for an RSS reader (eg. Feedly or Inoreader) and add some blogs you want to follow.

I'll leave No.1 to the end of the week, so here is No.2:

My first source of inspiration has definitely been the #Edblognz blogs that so many staff have taken time to do. It has been great to read these and reflect on what I do in relation to their ideas. I have followed a range of people from these and also read articles, viewed clips and generally been inspired by others. So many amazing things going on out there!

My second source of inspiration has been Twitter. I have loved being able to browse through, find awesome articles and blogs to read and feel connected to the bigger picture. So many giving people out there, sharing and helping others.

My third source has been the reading I have been doing. Books, articles, blogs, it's been great to have the time to upskill and have more information at my fingertips. Thanks to all those people who have suggested things to read, the list is endless!

Being back at school has slowed me down, but I'm going to continue reading and blogging as much as I can!

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