Tuesday, 6 October 2015

How to truly listen

One of the most inspiring TED talks I think I have ever seen is by Evelyn Glennie " How to truly listen".

This clip shows the amazing determination and battle against all odds as well as the most amazing musicianship that I have seen. This clip made me rethink my teaching on so many levels.
One - all students should have the opportunity to follow their passion. Nothing should stand in their way, no matter what challenges they face. Who are we to tell students they can't do something?
Two - Music is for everyone. We work with deaf students at school and now have quite a few taking lessons in different instrument. We also have blind students who have gone on to tertiary study.
Three - Anything is possible. Never say never.
Four - Musically, I look to push my students to do more than just read the music. She says "what I have to do as a musician is do everything that is not on the music" which I love.

What will I take into the classroom? Being open to all students, their dreams and their passions. Giving support to them in any way I can.

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