Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Genealogy - Eason website

You may have read my previous blog on my addiction. I think I have finally gone overboard on this addiction! Over the years I have been collecting a number of different Eason trees in the search for my own line. They have been all sitting in a database, with some in trees and some just individuals with no connections as yet.
In searching for yet another line, I came across the Guild of One-Name Studies. I searched for Eason. None there, just a couple of marriages into other families. I dismissed it at the time, but it got me thinking...
I had decided a while ago to finally put all the information I had online. I needed to check this with others who have done a large amount of research on my own tree as I wasn't sure if everyone would be keen to share or not. After meeting with a couple of them while I was in England this year, I decided to go ahead with the website. Lots of research then - how do I host it, what do I use that is best for a genealogical website, lots of questions. This led me back to the Guild which hosts websites for their studies and after a bit more research I joined up.
It's been a busy few months! I have put a website together, learnt a lot about the TNG software that runs the site, and I have been learning more HTML (this is an awesome help site) so I can make it look how I want it to look - that's still a work in progress. The software is great, it makes it super easy to load a GEDCOM from my Legacy software (jargon for all my data) and it has a lot of different templates to use if you want to just get something up quickly.
So I have been trawling through parish records, census documents and Army records, finding lots of Eason families that I have managed to link together in most cases. A few good stories and lots of questions later I have my Eason Genealogy website up and running, my Facebook page to go with it, and a challenge now to find all the Easons I can from all over the world.
If you know anyone with the surname Eason, please head them my way!! I am really keen to get as many lines as I can onto the website.
I sure have plenty to do in my spare time.

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