Monday, 5 March 2018

Concussion Part 4 - Almost there

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago - it has developed since then, but thought I would leave the previous week there as well.

I did a whole week at school this week. Meetings, students, the works. It's the first full week of work I have done in almost 9 months. Feels good.
It's not been the easiest though. I slept through my alarm this morning - something I never do, luckily the body clock woke me 15 minutes later, so I wasn't too out of routine, although my exercising got cut short.
It's great driving to work looking forward to what is happening for the day and knowing I'm actually going to work!
I have made a real effort to be early school each day to get to some wonderful mindfulness sessions run by one of our kaiako, Rudy. Even though there is often only the 2 of us, they make a big difference to my day. It's been interesting doing these, as there are such a wide range of different recordings and I have enjoyed some more than others.
The support of the staff at Haeata is amazing, everyone is there to do the best for our students and community and we have such a supportive collegial atmosphere. All the schools I have worked at have had this to an extent but I don't think I have ever felt it quite so much as at Haeata. It's an amazing place to work.
I am learning some more Te Reo. Another one of our kaiako, Melody, has offered some classes after school so I went along this week. It's something I started to do last year but in the busyness and chaos of our first term of opening, it fell by the way and then I hit my head.... I'm hoping I will continue to be able to attend these so I can learn more and feel more confident when speaking with our Māori students.
We are lucky to have such staff that are prepared to give their time and expertise and share their knowledge with others. It's what makes for a really collaborative environment.

So it's been a couple of weeks since I started this blog. I have felt the tiredness and the headache occasionally and have had to back up a little on the work I do outside of school. It has been a good learning curve but also hard on my ākonga who have not had the extra work that I would have done in the evenings with planning and sorting. I have noticed that I am still improving, but the rate of improvement has slowed a little as I have been doing more work. Some days I struggle with the after school meetings and have had to miss a couple to enable my head to catch up with the week. Eventually, I know, this will get better.

I'm loving being back at school - so good to feel I am part of things again and that I am there for the students.

Almost there....

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