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Energise Conference 2018 Day 2

Our second day started with the Energise Surprise, which involved us being in teams of 3-5 people and being given tasks to complete that all revolved around a Sphero.
Our initial problem was working out how to drive the Sphero - we were all pretty bad at it, and somehow I ended up doing the driving, which was entertaining to say the least. We had a few tasks to complete including painting our Sphero and making patterns with it, swimming it across water and racing a chariot to the finish line. A lot of fun was had and I know lots of people were talking about how to use Spheros in their schools after that session.
My problem with getting these blogs out is that I keep reading all the articles I link to - today's blog has taken hours, as I got quite excited by some of the links. Ah, the joy of learning.

Action learning for professional growth

Unfortunately Pip could not come to the conference so Rachel delivered her talk and added her spin on it. She very kindly said I could share the slides, so here is the link to those.

Reason for chameleon. Different skin to change for different environment.
Kids get more out of you from the relationships you form than the content you give
Learning is like the Rakaia, all different paths all trying to get to the sea
Think about what you want, then how to get there won't matter. You will learn the bits you need.

MSFT peercoaching, need a catalyst. Need a structure or scaffold to make collaboration effective.
Focuses on 21CLD
Focuses on action-learning
Focus on the group action rather than content
National School Reform Faculty -  having a critical friend. Makes you think about why you are doing it that way.
Design thinking - Phillipa Antipas has several blog posts on design thinking
Fail fast, fail often

Collaboration, what is it?

Staff survey, what did they want to learn about
Some tech and some much broader
ALARM, writing and literacy
Came up with those ideas and staff had to pick a group
Then a question, what is driving the choice of your topic. What do you want to know how to do?
Bring it to 10 words max
Some questions around what the teachers, students and families do, eg flipped classroom
Individual goals as well
What we know about this topic on one side and what we want to know on the other. Then take photo for your own use.
Can't always be the best teacher for all of your students. Give them options and access to other teachers if possible.
Culture shift between standing up and telling them or being beside and working with them
Let's ideate, no rules
Write 10 ideas, active with pen and paper, share ideas and record
Killer idea template - on slideshow
Empathy, who are we solving this for, what is their goal, key problems
Idea, what are we solving this for
Benefit, why
Empathy map, x map, who what, why, feelings
How are you going to evaluate the impact
Clear about expectations of each member of the group
Explain, pain and gain speed dating
Explain, what did you do, outcome
Pain, what was challenging, what didn't go well
Gain, what was good
Teachers had to make a resource for other staff in their school out of their learning including examples of how it worked and with whom. 
Notetaking one had apps you could use and things not to do as well.
Sharing resources and contributing to the Kura. Needs to be there for people to use. Makes you do it properly and is useful for others.
This process works well with inquiry in NZ
Inquiry and appraisal hand in hand in some schools, not always productive to trying new things.
Who sets prof learning in your school?
Are you told what to learn or do you have agency. How can you manipulate your own learning?
Rachel went out and found ways to do her own learning
What would a'product' look like in your environment?
People kept asking how to connect printers, did a video on how, but they wanted it on paper. Needed to meet the teacher need. Some staff also saw how you could use that style of teaching.
Growing beyond these projects. Where to from there?
Force people into online environment
Find people to help
How are you going to make that stick ? Have focus because you can't do everything.

Lots of teachers blogging in NZ. Find someone who is where you are at. Sometimes it is instructional, sometimes a rant, sometimes sharing.
Microsoft Educator Community one not all about the Ms products, lots of different courses
Edx, more courses, microcredentials
Free pd
Uses a tweetdeck

Hint for class - use post boxes, put questions in, get them up and moving around

Session 2 - Jarrod Aberhart
Design thinking

Started with a thinking starter - - Use first 3 words to create the last word
Jarrod also agreed to share his slides
Dr Seuss writing a book using only 50 words as the result of a bet. Green eggs and ham
P based learning -  p can be project, passion, problem, play-based, people
Top ten skills in 2020 and 2015  (which I also saw in last weeks SCT conference)
Careers NZ - Employability skills. Trialling putting those skills into standards
Taken a step further for his staff. Table of 21cld learning activity chart
Better by design-  human centered design. Getting students out into the world.
A book, choose Duracell, graphic
Chosen lines in it for industrial
Interaction, not sure
Systems, all recycled

Design Thinking Process: shows how you go back and forward
Empathy for users - examples:
Taping down cords, solving a problem. Not pretty so students went out and did some research
Nano technology sticker pad tech
Coffee shop, always had huge lines. Developed a coffee app
Girl broken her arm and 3d printed an alternative. Failed but was out working it
Getting to class on time
Getting lunch at the canteen

Conversation tips before they go out to the public. Teach them how to shake hands etc.
Ask open ended questions
See his ppt for that slide.

Getting them to think deeper using 5 why
Ask the person next to you about your design topic to gain some insights
Backward mapping
Why can't you get up on the midnight, why is that an issue, why, why
Empathy map
Do an activity before they go. 
Nerds - What is something they might do. Stereotyping - Rugby player
What do they say, what do they feel, what do they think, what do they do

Next sheet..
We met... Frustrated teachers, unorganised students
We were amazed to realise....
Wouldn't it be great if...
Then go to ideation mode

Best kids at divergent thinking are kindergarten kids. Best test is 1 minute of making things with a brick and a piece of paper. Too scared to be judged.
Build on ideas of others.
Use yes, and....

Drawing ideas on circles - given 30 circles and a short amount of time to make them into anything they want.
Some cant' do it.
Brainwriting/Affinity Map: Group the patterns
Brainstorm questions not answers. Go away and find out about those questions

Roman voting, thumbs up, down maybe
3 stickers next to 3 favourite ideas
Takes away personalisation

Then prototype to explore the solution, then take prototype out to users
Could be role play, and 3d print: can prototype sensors etc
Built counterweight bike rack
Fisherman's soap, has star anise that attracts fish. Looks like the sea. Designed to lather in cold water.
Good example of human centred design
Lots of links on powerpoint

Uses Agile,scrum board - Scrum meeting each week.
What did you do this week to benefit the group, what were the problems and what will you do next week.
Working on rubrics around collaboration and self regulation

Session3 - StephenMcConnachie, Middleton Grange School and Keryn Hooker - Methven Primary School
E-learning - What should it look like

Students do not learn from technology. Discuss

Whole quote is  Students do not learn from technology, they learn from thinkingStudents do not learn from technology, they learn from thinking. Technologies can engage and support thinking when students learn with technology. Jonassen, D. H. (2003)

Why e learning?
Multiple, students being able to record, make a video, collaboration. Can do things in different ways
Interact, can play with it and interact with each other. Building on each other's work.
Ubiquitous, is everywhere, can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
Engagement, simply using technology at all increased engagement by sometimes that is all it did.
Components and tools for online learning. 

2009 report from schools on ict engagement (not sure if this is the one Stephen was talking about but I found it interesting anyway...)
Tech should support the thinking
What should it look like

Strategic plan for elearning
Use this in past
Educator community
Enabling elearning site, elearning planning

Learning tool should be invisible. Do need to know how to use the tools
Time consuming. Take that time to learn the tools. Keep on top of the balance. Set up the experts in the room.
SAMR Framework and you can be anywhere in this journey for you and your students.
$$$$ not a good explanation
One flew over the cuckoos nest, why are we reading this. The author deliberate wrote poorly for a deliberate effect.
Choose the right tool for the job for the deliberate effect
Sometimes use paper, sometimes tech
Primary context
5cs of e-learning. Collaboration, Citizenship, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity
Communication, Seesaw for communicating with parents to share the learning
Use OneNote for publishing writing and collaboration
Mystery Skype communicating beyond our school
Critical thinking, the children run their learning, choose their workshops. They do pathways and opt in to their level
Student voice, owning next steps
Matific, maths pathway
Collaboration, 21cld skills. Learning pathway around reflection
World in groups in OneNote. Put some structure in that
For Google, set up a table of contents in Google doc so have 1 long doc. Can do headings
Learnz conference great to get to different places
Creativity, stop motion, multiple representations and moral learning. Sharing knowledge without writing it down. Have a day a week to dictate instead.
3d paint, built into windows 10
New PowerPoint you can insert a 3d model. New slide transition called morph. Can make an animal walk across the page
Can use for story telling
Citizenship, be a Star
Stay safe online
Take care with privacy and information
Ask for help if you need it
Respect yourself, others, copyright and intellectual property
Just like any other citizenship things, respectful at lunch etc.

Are the students engaged? Yes, but in what?
What does authentic engagement look like. Engagement with the learning goal, or engagement with the tool. Are they doing the goal or are they making the power point pretty.
Triple E Rubric - by Liz Kolb. Learning first, technology second
Engagement with the learning goal
Enhancement of the learning goal
Extension of the learning goal
If all there, it's a good learning activity
Work through the triple E process to look at a unit overall. Does it have a balance?
Choose a lesson or tool and work through the rubric
Evaluate new software and hardware

Collaboration enabled by e-learning
Students running their own learning.
All planning online and they opt into lessons at their own level at Methven primary
OneNote a digital ring binder
Surveys on work that students fill out
Students run workshops
Students writing their own reports
Digital modelling, sharing resources with all teachers
Screencastify or office mix, built into PowerPoint to pre record lessons so can do own workshop in own time.
Stephen makes resources for nationwide audience at of his so doesn't have his face, Kerryn does and puts her face in, better for learning.

Booked workshops online didn't work, tick sheet was better.
Heavy research but awesome site. Here is what this research means for subject areas.
Activity ideas and software
Activity types taxonomy
What is transformational maths in an elearning context?
Any curriculum area.

Stephen also showed us how to do a table of contents in a Google doc - for those without OneNote!
Type in each heading:
Section 1
Section 2
Highlight "Section1"  Change to heading types - heading and can have it on the side to jump to it
View-show document outline, to see the headings
Build table of contents at top - Make link that says back to top and Link to table of contents title

Keynote - Why creativity matters

Really got to take my hat off to Sylvia - she did her mihi whakatau, it was warmly acknowledged with a round of applause.
Definition of Creativity:
The ability to make new things and think of new ideas.
Exciting as a child - she loved taking photos, and the thing about photography was about developing pictures and the creativity of that
Activity 1: Silly dance moves, follow someone else then make up your own.
3 things :
Creativity has mental health benefits
Cognitive benefits

Creativity and happiness. More sessions they did the happier they felt
Brain releases dopamine
So focused in the moment it is like meditating.
Can even skip meals if in the zone. Gardening, cooking, dance for quick survey on what we do to be creative - lots of people like cooking!!

We have been creating music and arts for thousands of years
An urge to communicate something
Pinterest 17.5million users
Ken Robinson quotes about creativity importance
Why is creativity important in education?
Without creativity we will not move forward
Gives everyone a chance to shine

Mayo Clinic Research 2018 - Higher rate of creativity decreases cognitive impairment by 73%
Activity 2: Write a positive phrase on paper. Make it into a paper plane. Send across the room
What is a positive message, how do I write that, how do I make a paper plane, how do I make it fly - lots of cognitive thought processes.

15hrs on academics in 30hr week, 15 hours on creative.
Look at government tests on grade 3,6,9 10 for schools
Looked at results and shows that 100%of students there over achieved at reading and writing and 97%maths
Not a direct relationship with arts and academic achievements but research shows it has indirect relationship

Activity3:  Let's draw - Graham Shaw Ted talk. Prove that you can. To be honest, I have always thought I couldn't - at all. This showed me I actually could - quite excited. These are my drawings to the right.

Creativity can be learnt
Be more creative, now.
There is a creative process.
This is awesome, then this is hard, then this sticks, then I suck, then this is ok, then I am ok, then I am awesome.
How to get more creativity in the classroom
Allow students to bring the own creativity into the classroom
Can bring your own as well. She brought sketchnote. Had youtube channel with students
Edwin Sorto video on dance
Share your creativity with your students
Jack Ma on we do not change the way we teach... It's knowledge based. Teachers must stop teaching knowledge
Values, believing, independent thinking, teamwork, care for others

I had a great time at this conference. Spending time with passionate educators, listening to new ideas and having some great conversations over lunch. Well worth going to. I am going to reflect on what I have learnt and make some personal notes on these sessions (which I write in a separate blog which is not public) and know that I still have so much to learn. I hope those that have read this also find some new ideas and are inspired to learn more.

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