Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The process

So, writing my first blog was a real discovery process. I found myself wanting to read more blogs to get an idea on what people were doing, and how they work. Firstly I chose Blogger, since I had previous experience there writing a blog for school.
I had a look at the new posts from others doing the challenge, so I wasn't overwhelmed by those that had been doing this for a while!
My first look was at Ruffling a few feathers by Ruth Duke-Norris. She was doing the next step up from me in the blogging challenge, but I liked the layout of her post. This challenged me to find out how to get a good design and to look at the presentation as well as the content.
Took me a couple of goes to get a design I liked and then I moved onto the other blocks that I could add. Loved the idea of a Twitter feed and found myself having to Google how to do this - thought I had it, but missed a step. Finally managed!
I like Ruth's ideas on education and I am now thinking of trying to go to that next stage of writing a blog on how my teaching practice has evolved over time.
Having the Connected Educator #EdBlog15 challenge has given me the push to get this started - I just hope it will continue when I'm back at school - holidays are great for lots of reading and learning, but it's hard to fit that in during term time. Time to make time.

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  1. Thanks for viewing my blog. I did have to giggle as like you, Google was my friend in learning how to do all the embedding. Slight jumps of exciting when I learnt to add my twitter feed on! Glad you enjoyed reading my blog. I am more of a jumbled and muddled type of blogger who writes about what I am thinking and doing.