Wednesday, 9 March 2016

OneNote class add in

This is amazing. Loving what I can do with this. I am so excited, I just had to write about it straight away.

Adding a page to all student's notebooks is such a useful tool. Instead of writing templates in the content library and getting students to copy them, I can just put the page in their sections! As well as that, I can put a whole new section in. Great for when you forget to do that on start up.

 The ability to review student work is fantastic. I can quickly go to each
student's page and see the work they have added. The + opens to show which
 student did the work.

 Being able to create a class notebook on my desktop as well as add/delete students, means that I can do everything within the app.

For the students that can't find the link to their notebook, it is great to have a quick link to all of the OneNote links to all my notebooks.

PD links are great. OneNote is really great at supplying good resources to help people use their tools well. It's great to have these links here - although I would put that tab in the main screen rather than in the OneNote class add in. It would be more accessible there.

 I will be sending feedback-you should do it too. Well done OneNote - this is the best tool for teachers. I love it.

Get it here - NOW

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